Upcoming periScopeOut – 12/12/2016

periScopeOut is a great way to see what amazing educators from across the world are doing in their buildings. This time we are taking a look at spaces in schools across the world! Join us as we get a glimpse into libraries, classrooms, maker spaces, offices, STEM labs, and more!

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Educators are doing amazing things all over the world. It's time to share ideas and stories so we can all continue pushing education forward.

-Jeff Herb, Founder periScopeOut & Instructional Tech Talk

What is periScopeOut?

It is a movement that encourages educators from across the world to share their stories, spaces, and experiences through a 10 minute Periscope broadcast. We schedule these 10 minute sessions throughout the day so other educators can watch and learn from other amazing educators. See the video on the right for more info.

Step 1

Sign up for the next periScopeOut to claim your time slot. Each time slot is 10 minutes long.

Step 2

Download and experiment with the Periscope app, which is the platform in which we use for periScopeOuts.

Step 3

Have a gameplan for your 10 minutes. While it may seem like awhile, the time goes quickly. Make sure you share what you want in your time frame.


Step 4

Be ready to start broadcasting at the start of your timeframe. Watch the others before and after you by following the hashtag #periScopeOut on Twitter!

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Jeff Herb

Jeff Herb

Co-Founder, periScopeOut

Jeff Herb is the founder of periScopeOut and also runs the site Instructional Tech Talk. He is currently the Principal of Dundee Middle School in suburban Chicago.

Todd Nesloney

Todd Nesloney

Co-Founder, periScopeOut

Todd is the Co-Founder of periScopeOut. He is also the Principal/Lead Learner at @Webb_Elem and a White House Champion of Change. Check out his podcast: @EduAllStarsHQ